Colloquium on Hispanic Books & Manuscripts

Department of Hispanic, Portuguese, & Latin American Studies


School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol


Xth Bristol Colloquium on Hispanic Books and Manuscripts


Wednesday 21 May 2008


Room G66 (15 Woodland Road)


14.00 Dr Barry Taylor (The British Library)

On Editing the Libro del consejo e de los consejeros


14.50 Mr David Barnett (Queen Mary, University of London)

Barcelona Cathedral Archive, MS 6: problems of compilation chronology


15:30 Dr Claudia Heide (University of Edinburgh):

“Mas ven cuatro ojos que dos”: Gayangos and Anglo-American Hispanists


16:25 Tea


16:45 Prof. Richard Hitchcock (University of Exeter)

Gayangos and the Promotion of Spain in England, 1828-1842


17.45 Prof. David Hook (University of Bristol)

Of Books and Bankruptcy: Some New Light on Lord Kingsborough, Agostino Aglio, and The Antiquites of Mexico.


All interested are welcome to attend. The Colloquium will be held in the Department’s building at 15 Woodland Road. For further details contact Professor David Hook, Department of Hispanic, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol, 15 Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 1TE. ([+44] (0)117 928 7495; Those intending to attend are asked to confirm this by 16 May to facilitate catering arrangements.



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