El Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar (MHRS) promueve el Symposium on Early Medieval Spain, que tendrá lugar el viernes 25 de enero de 2008. Queen Mary, University of London. Room 602, Physics Building. Intervendrán los siguientes ponentes:

  • Janet L. Nelson, FBA (King’s College London), “Introduction: Early Medieval France and Spain”
  • Jonathan Jarret (Ftizwilliam Museum, Cambridge), Centurions Alcalas, and Christiani perversi: Organizations of Society in the Pre-Catalan Terra de ningú
  • Wendy Davies, FBA (University College London, emerita), “Countergift and Suretyship: Two Aspects of Guarantee Mechanism in Tenth-Century Northern Iberia
  • Rose Walker (Courtauld Institute), “Beatus by the Waters of Babylon”
  • Ralph Penny (Queen Mary), “Early Medieval Iberia: How Many Languages?”
  • Andrew T Fear (University of Manchester), “A Visigothic Hypochondriac: The Poetry of Eugenius of Toledo”